Role Sizing

The engage sizing methodology hallmark features include:

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Suitable for flexible jobs, fluid structures.
  • Fast enough to measure every job / resizing is quick.
  • No job descriptions required.
  • Direct knowledge input – evaluation in groups of jobholders and supervisors.
  • Active, open, transparent, inclusive process – nothing to hide.
  • Credible / consistent – builds trust and affinity.
  • User driven – consultant / specialist light.


Benefits of Engage:

  • Work Anytime From Anywhere
  • One Version of the Truth
  • Take and Keep Control
  • Process Your Way
  • Good Governance – Full Audit Trail
  • Role Library – Your Production Roles
  • Role Library – Producing Hierarchical output
  • Security Is Our Concern, Not Yours


Employee Package Structure:

  • Personalised tool for the employee to use
  • Structuring options and available benefits only shown where relevant to the specific employee
  • Gross and net values shown
  • Allow employee to make a final selection and keep the appropriate record
  • Provide suitable uploads for payroll
  • Ensure all essential documentation is provided and kept



  • Model Employer and Employee implications of different designs
  • Provide employer with a system to administer and track implications
  • Provide employer with the ability to determine payments/allocations
  • Provide employee with appropriate personalised communication
  • Keep audit trail of decisions and payments/allocations made