Harmonisation of Conditions of Service

A typical Harmonisation process may include:

  • Audit of current benefits and conditions
  • Determine the Reward Philosophy and Principles that would support an aligned Organisation
  • Develop different scenarios to analyse:
     – the impact at an individual Employee level
     – the costs and implications of each scenario
     – the most efficient strategy and approach in a way that ensures there are no unpleasant surprises
  • Agree on the final approach, quantify the cost as well as the direct and indirect benefits to the Organisation
  • Engage with employees in a way that ensures transparency and builds trust – this would probably require communicating at the collective and individual level with personalised communication
  • Assist with changes to administrative processes and systems
  • Track Employee acceptance response and implementation
  • Provide payroll upload

View an example of a personalised statement which is given to each employee showing the Current and Revised pay side-by-side.