MailMerge Service

Hassle-free production of complex personalised documents for your employees and fund members without struggling with the limitations of Microsoft Excel/Word Mail Merge.

Our unique Service has been built from over 20 years of experience which allows complete customisation of the merge process down to the record level.

You send us the data and output requirements and we send you the personalised documents.

Key features of the Service:

Document Variations

  • Multiple Templates and Variations per record
  • Intermediate calculations and logic flows
  • Dynamic Tables and Charts

Flexible Processing

  • Individual naming of output files
  • Combine files dynamically
  • Can deal with high volumes (e.g. 20 000 plus)
  • Various output formats (pdf, docx, html, xlsx)

Distribution Options

  • Upload pdf’s to Employee Self Service
  • Automated distribution from your company email


  • Individual password protection
  • SMS service to distribute OTPs