Typical Organisational Issues and Concerns:

Repetitive tasks

  • Risk of error increases when multiple sources or multiple users are required

Process typically includes dissemination and re-aggregation of information/data

  • May be directly to an individual
  • Could be aggregated at sub-levels and require further dissemination

Input/edit required from one or more sources

  • May include edits
  • May have formulaic impact of adding/editing
  • May have governing rules/policies to follow

Re-aggregation of updated files/data

  • May need to occur at multiple levels before going back to the originator


  • Based on input and governing rules/policies
  • Any changes require an audit trail and comment
  • Communication to individuals or other 3rd parties

Consolidator Applications: examples of use…

  • Annual Salary Review
  • Bonus/Incentive Distribution
  • Performance review
  • Update of information from multiple sources

Consolidator Process Applied:

  1. Master file set up with key data
  2. Rules built in to the data set
  3. Master file automatically split and sent to all who need to edit/add information
  4. Information edited/added
  5. File sent back to person who distributed the information
  6. Master file updated
  7. Process implemented