Business Process Automation

Our automation solutions increase efficiency and reduce risk which leads to improved job satisfaction and increased capacity. A win-win!


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RoboXL is an EXCEL Desktop Add-In which adds powerful automation functionality to EXCEL.

Key features of RoboXL:

  • Works within the familiar EXCEL environment, no need to learn a new platform
  • Rapidly build automation solutions using over 70 instructions – no programming is required
  • Automations can read in and transform data, cycle through data sets, generate and distribute reports and many more
  • Works with different file formats, e.g. Excel Workbooks, CSV files, Outlook

Some benefits of RoboXL are:

  • Automation steps become the process reference – reduces reliance on key individuals and simplifies auditing
  • Reduces turn-around time on manual processes
  • Reduces risk by using built-in validation checks
  • Frees up key resources from doing repetitive work
  • Allows you to manage your high value calculation IP in Excel
  • Consolidator:

    Businesses often need to distribute and/or consolidate spreadsheet data from divisions or departments, as for example, during the annual budget process.
    Consolidator ensures the integrity of these processes by automating splitting up and protecting sub-files, as well as the consolidation of the returned files.

    Examples of processes that can be streamlined with Consolidator:

    • Annual review process
    • Performance review
    • Incentive pay allocation
    • Budgetting
    • Standardised regular reporting/dashboards