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Our automation solutions increase efficiency and reduce risk which leads to improved job satisfaction and increased capacity. A win-win!

KWIK Utilities

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How we work:

We start with a high-level consultation to better understand the context and your needs. Based on the outcome of this consultation, we schedule a workshop with key users to get a practical view of all related issues. The findings of this workshop are documented and provide you with a proposal using our unique frameworks.

KWIK Utilities:

KWIK Utilities is installed as an Add-In which adds powerful functionality to EXCEL. Read more about the functions here.

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Businesses often need to distribute and/or consolidate spreadsheet data from divisions or departments, as for example, during the annual budget process.
Consolidator ensures the integrity of these processes by automating splitting up and protecting sub-files, as well as the consolidation of the returned files.

Examples of processes that can be streamlined with Consolidator:

  • Annual review process
  • Performance review
  • Incentive pay allocation
  • Budgetting
  • Standardised regular reporting/dashboards


Microsoft Word MailMerge often lacks the flexibility that is required. MergeMaster allows for complete customisation of the merge process which allows for flexibility at the record level.

Key features of MergeMaster:

  • Different document templates can be specified for different records
  • The type of merged document output “.docx” or “.pdf” can be specified
  • Merged documents can be saved in separate files using a specified filename
  • Different signatures can be included in the merge process
  • Multiple documents can be created per record
  • A personalised HTML email can be created per record, the merged document attached and automatically sent via Outlook