Facilitation Frameworks

Cebano uses the Barrett Values Centre tools for vision and mission development, which facilitates a leadership team being able to identify the key building blocks to their vision and mission within a half day. This includes:

1. Exploring the leadership team’s individual core motivations and the common themes in terms of their personal mission and collective mission alignment

2. The Four-Why’s process, which helps an organisation clarify:
  • their core business
  • how they will grow and develop this cores business
  • What organisational fulfilment means for them
  • What their contribution is to the customers or stakeholders they serve
  • How they make a contribution to society and the greater good (which many are surprised to discover).
  • 4 Why’s Process

    3. Jim Collins Hedgehog principle is a useful framework to discover what makes and organsiation unique and start the conversation of it’s differentials through exploring:

    • What they are most passionate about, understanding that nothing great can be accomplished without passion
    • What they can be best at in the world, that no other institution can do
    • What their economic engine is, the economic identifier that has the most significant impact on the organisation’s economics

    4. Cebano also resonates strongly with the work of Patrick Lencioni and uses the framework of the “Four Obsessions of Leadership”

    In particular, when it comes to strategic development, the combination of the above “Four-Why’s Vision and Mission” framework and the “Creating Clarity” help to answer the 6 clarity questions Patrick Lencioni advocates in The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business :

    1. Why we Exist
    2. How we Behave
    3. What we Do
    4. How we will Succeed
    5. What we need to do next, right now
    6. Who will do What

    In addition, Cebano has processes and questions using tools such as appreciative enquiry and thinking environments to explore strategic directions.

    4 Obsessions of Leadership

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