We have two trainers who are qualified by Barrett Values Centre to train and certify in the Barrett methodology.

CTT Introduction Course:
This is a half-day to one-day non-certified introduction course to become familiar with the methodology. This is typically for employees who need to have broad insight into the model and the transformation process.

CTT Foundations Training Course:
This two-day certified training is the foundation of the CTT training program and covers the Seven Levels of Consciousness model, the different types of values assessments available, the results and indices generated from the surveys, how to interpret the data, and how to work with Barrett Values Centre in commissioning surveys. The objective with this training is to give the theoretical background and basic understanding of the CTT models and tools, with less focus on the practical application of the models and tools in the cultural transformation process.

CTT Practitioner Training Course:
This four-day certified training is best if you intend to start using CTT in a practical way, either as an internal change agent or as an external consultant. It is designed to give a deep understanding of the CTT Models and Tools, as well as practical experience on how to apply CTT in a cultural transformation process.

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