Barrett Culture Values Assessment (CVA) measures the extent to which people feel that the organisation culture is aligned with their personal values and the organisational culture that they desire.

The objectives of the assessment is to:

  • Quantify the personal values of the employees or a group of employees
  • Quantify the perception of the current culture of the organisation
  • Quantify the desired culture of employees
  • Quantify the current business focus on important areas identified for success through research and identify potential future focus areas
  • Assess the need and potential for future culture transformation to meet the intangible reward needs of employees in general and key talent in particular.

In this regard we offer services to:

  • Design and execute multilingual culture surveys with teams, whole companies, groups, international companies and external stakeholders – these can be paper based and/or electronic
  • Facilitate workshops with executive groups
  • Facilitate one-on-one sessions with senior managers (IVA)
  • Facilitate workshops with employee groups
  • Facilitate focus groups
  • Facilitate Leadership Values Assessments (LVA)

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