Culture Measurement Tools

Cebano uses the Barrett Values Centre’s Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT) to assist with the understanding of and ongoing measurement of culture. CTT is a toolset that measures the values of individuals, teams or organisations and include the following assessments:

  • Individual Values Assessment (example)
  • Team Values Assessment
  • Corporate Values Assessment (example)
  • Merger/Acquisition Compatibility Assessment

These provide a way for people to state their own personal values and offer their perceptions of how they experience their organisation’s current culture and the desired cultural values. Whilst the way of collecting this information from people is simple and quick, the results are powerfully presented with a number of valuable insights and indices. However the most significant advantage of the results are that they provide a framework for deep dialogue and exploration that facilitates organisational transformation.

You can now take a free Personal Values Assessment on the Barrett website.

You can read more about Culture Transformation Tools in this document and explore the Barrett Values Centre’s website.

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