Do you Lead a Team of Stars or a Star Team?

How Is It That Teams With All The Stars Don’t Win Their Games And Star Teams Do? How frequently we see sports teams that have hired all the star players and our natural assumption is that they will wipe-out the … Continue reading

Inspiring Success in a Volatile and Uncertain World

Inspiring Success in a Volatile and Uncertain Worldthrough an inclusive people-centric approach For organisations to thrive in an environment that is increasingly globalised, faster, more uncertain, complex and ambiguous, they must build great teams that innovate, adapt and conquer the … Continue reading

Are Our Benefits and Conditions Holding us Back?

Executives in organisations typically have a clear strategy and most understand that they need to actively build a healthy culture to support it. However, sometimes there are structural problems that employees face that can hold back organisations from achieving traction. … Continue reading

From Victimhood to Conscious Responsibility

The role of business in our world cannot be underestimated. It plays a significant part in providing people with the opportunity for them to meet their basic needs and their growth needs. Consciousness is an ever-expanding awareness of our context and … Continue reading

Organisational Culture – Fad or Fab?

There is much being made of organisational culture. Almost every organisation is talking about measuring the culture and reviewing their core values with the intent of aligning their people to these values. But why this renewed intense focus? Vision, mission … Continue reading